Tuft Aide’s History As A Water Damage Restoration Company

When Buddy McClelland first opened a carpet cleaning business under the name of Buddy’s Carpet Care. Buddy’s vision was in creating a company that would be uniquely different from your typical carpet cleaning company. It was one that focused on excellence and education. He believed that by offering this in every aspect of the business, client referrals would fuel its growth.

never engaging in some techniques (such as bait and switch or telemarketing) used frequently by many other cleaners. Buddy considered his reputation and his company’s reputation to be one in the same. That reputation would focus on integrity, excellence and education.
Buddy applied these same values in creating a sister company, Tuft Aide Inc. In 2002, Tuft Aide, a water damage restoration company, was formed to specialize in water damage restoration and structural drying.
Indiana to acquire state of the art, industry leading equipment, specialty drying techniques, and education that has not yet been acquired by our competitors. This in large is what sets us apart from the others.
through hundreds of water removal projects in Springfield MO and surrounding areas, that we can dry, in place, most clean water jobs. This avoids reconstruction costs and the possibility of your home or business in disrepair for weeks or months.
expertise, and type of equipment is not offered by any other water damage restoration company in southwest Missouri!
To perform the most outstanding service experience in Southwest MO, with skill, honesty, and integrity.
To achieve excellence in service through education, experience and a willingness to achieve 100% client satisfaction!

We dry ceilings, walls, hardwood floors, cabinetry and insulation. Your contents dry for free