Broken/Frozen Water Pipe

Broken Water Pipe

There is nothing more depressing

than walking into your business or home and discovering water everywhere from a broken water pipe or frozen water pipe. Hundreds of gallons of water can spew from a quarter inch line in less than an hour from a busted pipe. What to do? Where to start? Who to call? What can be saved?

We have handled hundreds of these claims

over the last 23 years. The good news is technology has improved dramatically. Most homes and businesses can be restored back, without demolition, within a week. Time is critical and the sooner the drying can begin the less damage water can do.

Insurance companies

state in their policies that it is up to the home or business owner to stop a broken water pipe and contain the disaster from progressing. This includes turning the water off, calling in a restoration company to begin the containment and drying process to keep damage from getting worse, taking valuables out of harms way.

We have the technology,

training, skill and compassion to quickly dry your precious assets and restore your structure to a pre loss standard. Our goal is to keep business going and families/employees safe during the restoration process. The ability to dry in place saves money and more important, time needed to return to a normal schedule without continued interruptions and massive clean up. Clients love our ability to make difficult situations appear easy, even after a busted pipe happens.

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