Mold Prevention

The best method of dealing with mold in the home

is in mold prevention instead of mold removal. Mold spores must have moisture to germinate. If you can have the structure completely dry within 24 to 48 hours, then chances are you have prevented mold from taking root and growing.

Tuft Aide holds a distinct advantage

over many of its competitors to help with mold prevention. The ability to dry the space before mold has a chance to germinate, set root, and grow. Unknown to building occupants, countless structures have mold issues, in places where it cannot be seen because the structure was not properly dried following a water intrusion.

Tuft Aide will issue a “Certificate of Dryness”

upon completion of a water job. Why is this important? There are a couple of reasons. For one, let’s say your home is faced with a major water issue and later put the house on the market. When you disclose to the potential buyers there was water damage to the home or business, you may also include the “Certificate of Dryness”, guaranteeing the space was dry and no mold was in the home. Knowing that mold cannot germinate without water, you can rest assured when your home or business is “guaranteed dry,” you needn’t concern yourself with mold issues relating to that particular water intrusion.

Mold Growth
Mold removal