Shrink Wrap Roof Repair

Leaking Roof Repair: Shrink Wrap

Why would a company such as ours discuss “shrink wrap” and what does that have to do with roofing?

Tuft Aide keeps in stock a supply of “shrink wrap” type materials. There are hundreds of uses for the product as sheets can be “melted together,” allowing for unlimited plastic sheeting square footage! We are a temporary fix while waiting for water leak repairs, leaking roof repairs and more.

Here are three examples:

Roof damage in a strip mall, as a result of a major storm, is covered while waiting for the roofing company to install a new roof or perform roof repair services. There is no limit as to the size of the roof and it can be completely covered in just a matter of hours. The material can remain in place up to one year as you wait for roof repair services.

Windows are blown out of a pharmacy in the middle of the night. To help keep contents safe and dry, the front of the building is entirely wrapped in plastic.

A food processing plant is having work conducted near the ceiling of the building. In order to remain in operation and protect the food from contamination, shrink wrap is suspended above the food production area.

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