Gone Green

Tuftaide Has Gone Green

Tuft Aide went green when it partnered with Hydro-Lab in 2004. Tuft Aide is helping to save the environment 3 ways.


We are not filling up our landfills. In 2004 Tuft Aide introduced new technology and acquired training that made it possible to dry structures without “rip out/tear out”! Instead of tearing out materials such as drywall, carpet, pad, cabinets and wood flooring and filling our landfills with waste, the materials are dried without replacement! Extreme demolition does not take place on about 82% of the category 1 projects we dry!


The majority of other companies are still using 70’s technology. This “rip out/tear out” process requires the use of chemicals and adhesives from reconstruction that are then introduced into your home. Old materials are needlessly filling up the land fills with waste. This will be expensive for both our environment and your pocketbook!


With our drying process, safe products approved by the EPA are used to reduce and stop the growth of mold. Many times with our advanced drying mitigation these products are not even necessary.